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Proposal Letter for Poland Project

Poland Aviation Online Advertising Proposal
Dear Mr/Ms.

It will indeed be a pleasure to get associated with Solaris Group.We are pleased to present this proposal to your Company.It would be great to have partnership with you, Many other companies have partnered with us in the last few years and the results have been quite encouraging and fruitful.

AeroSoft Corp. belongs to aviation field we will provide you good services.


AeroSoft is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified 100% EOU [ Export Oriented Unit ] of a well known International Aviation Group of Asia.AeroSoft maintains a complete quality control check at all times on all of its outsourced works.

AeroSoft Aviation Solutions in UK Aviation B2B Marketplaces:

AeroSoft Corp is a established player in the Global Aviation IT market yet a Pioneer in Virtual Aviation Market in Asia. AeroSoft aims at creating a Virtual Aviation world. The first step in this direction is in the form of An Indo-US joint venture with world’s no One E-Learning Solutionprovider, "eLaearningZoom" which is on its way & soon to capture the market. AeroSoft accepts only those challenging Aviation SEO projects which no other companys dare to take on. Presently
AeroSoft is undertaking Aviation SEO projects from USA & Philippines and has set its eyes upon exploring other Global Aviation b2b markets.

AeroSoft Promote Aviation Training companies by its more then 60 Aviation portals. As per all major search Engines,For Aviation SEO AeroSoft Corp is Best in India & Finest in Asia.Many Pages has been indexed by Google & Yahoo.

*AeroSoft Provides very economic online Marketing solutions to International Airlines Training Organisations.

The following are our associates- is the website of India's Best Aviation SEO company.A brief snapshot of the advertising opportunities is given below. American Airlines, Air India, British Airways, Cathey Pacific, Delta Air, Emerites Airlines, Citibank, IBM, Microsoft Corp, ICICI Home Loans, Monster, Dell, Ford, Lenovo, HDFC etc are some of the brands that have advertised with us on our more then 60 odd Aviation portal.
More then 300 brands from Fortune 500 Companies are advertising on AeroSoft portals.

Asiatic Air is a group of professionals and aviation organizations working in collaboration with many Aviation leaders worldwide for the growth of Aviation activities in Asia.
Asiatic Air is an ISO 9001:2000 certified Aviation organization recruits Trainee Pilots for Overseas Aviation courses. It has got about 10 alliances in USA,Canada, UK, Philippines, New zealand, S. Africa, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Australia.
Asiatic Air is focused to increase its market share in India and East Asia.

Visitor Profile:

All of our impressive number of aviation portals attract over more than 6, 00,000 visitors every month who view an average of more than a million pages per day. These are Aviation students, serious flyers and Aviation professionals who come to make their career in Aviation or purchase their flight tickets online, get information on Career in Airlines, schedules, fares and other products offered by various Advertisers & Airlines. Many Pages of our have been indexed by Google & Yahoo.


Online advertising is a balancing act. One needs to capture the attention of the viewers, which is especially difficult given the large number of ads that the average person sees every day.
Aerosoft will provide companies with a unique opportunity to highlight their products and services in one of the vastly visited and best rated aviation SEO sites in India and the finest in Asia.

We are firm believers in a Win Win strategy for all.
We aim at exploring and establishing ourselves in the poland cyber sector and put our incredible viewership and goodwill earned, to the advantage of those who wish to publish their advertisements with us.

We offer: Popular banner sizes:

Vertical banner: 195 x 300 pixels. Maximum size should not exceed 35Kb.
Square banner: 195 x 150 pixels. Maximum size should not exceed 20Kb.
Banners and pop unders are available on all pages except the homepage.
Our aviation portal list:


If you are agreed with this proposal than you can pay us  $ 2000 as an initial payment.
- 50 % payment  in advance.
- And rest 50 % payment within 30 days.

All prices are Inclusive of all Taxes & subject to change without notice


Aerosoft Bank Details
3. ACCOUNT NO: CA No 00362 0000 31762
4. RTGS / NEFT / IFSC: HDFC0000036
AeroSoft accept all Credit Cards [Safe payment with PayPal ]
Contact Us
For advertising enquires, please email us on

Capt. Shekhar Gupta advertising
Frequently Asked Questions

1. How soon will my ad appear on all the portals upon payment?
Ans: Your advert will appear on our sites within a maximum span of 48 hours during
week days from Monday-Friday.

2. Will the AeroSoft cater to any technical difficulties that might occur during or after my
ad is posted?
Ans: Yes of course. Aerosoft will render all the possible technical assistance which may
occur during the entire publishing process.

3. Do you have a shelf system for ad positioning on your portals?
Ans: No, as of now we have none.

4. In relation to the above; if yes then is there a price quote available for them?
Ans: No. As we do not have any ad positioning on our sites, we have no other price
quote apart from the already mentioned quote above.

5. Again in relation to the above; what is the maximum duration that an ad can remain in a
particular position?
Ans: Since we do not do the ad positioning there is no duration limit for your ads other
than that specified in the package you subscribe for.

6. Can payments be made in GBP or any other currency?
Ans: Yes of course. AeroSoft accepts all widely used currencies and methods of

7. Can you provide some form of guarantee on the frequency of clicks/visits to my ads on
    your portal?
Ans: We cannot guarantee on the frequency of visits to your adverts on any of our sites.

8. Can changes or updates be made once an ad has been published on your portals
    without incurring extra costs?
Ans: Yes. AeroSoft accepts two changes once your advert has been published at
absolutely no extra costs.

9. Can we be notified of any special offers to avail, made by you on regular basis?
Ans: Yes of course. AeroSoft will mail you on a regular basis and keep you updated of
any changes or special offers that you could avail.

10. Do you have any discounts policy of any kind?
Ans: No. We currently have no discount policies of any kind.

11. Is there a scope for any bulk bargain?
Ans: Yes of course. AeroSoft accepts all win - win proposals from its clients.

12. Do you support flash banners and pop ups or just still ones? Is there a difference in
Ans: Yes. AeroSoft supports all the above mentioned technicalities of Advertisements
from its clients on specialized rates.

13. Do you recommend any popular portals from your list where in I can put up my ad to
gain max viewership?
Ans: AeroSoft always believes in a win - win situation for both and will definitely guide
and recommend you the ways to make the most of your investment with us.

14. Do you only do vertical and square banners?
Ans: Yes, AeroSoft does all kinds of banner
advertisements on specialized rates.
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Visit us at

We will offer you best services and in case of any dissatisfaction, your payment will be refundable.

With this letter, I'm enclosing the entire proposal.
For detailed information please contact on the co-ordinates below. for your queries about this proposal.

Yours truly,

Capt. Shekhar Gupta
AeroSoft Corp

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