Thursday, July 7, 2011

Proposal letter

Proposal letter
Dear Mr/Ms

It will indeed be a pleasure to get associated with an educational institute like yours. 
We are pleased to present this proposal to your group of istitute. It would be great to have partnership with
you and be part of learning process for young students.
Many other companies have partnered with us in the last few years and the results have been quite encouraging and fruitful.

We will provide you services in following ways:

* Marketing on Social Networking Sites.
* Online Marketing.
* We have have huge database of students.
* We will send bulk mail to 15000 students .
* We do College campus recruitment.
* Off page seo etc.

Our Terms are as follows:

- For this we require initial payment of Rs 10000/-
- You have to pay Rs 2000/- per student.

In case of dissatisfaction, your payment will be refundable.

With this letter, I'm enclosing the entire proposal.

You can contact me on my phone or email address - for your queries about this proposal.

Yours truly,

Rohit Keshriya(MCA)
AeroSoft Corp


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