Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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Madhya Pradesh   tour
Khajuraho Temples
Sanchi Stupa
Bhimbetka Caves
The Taste of India                                                   
The Ancient Erotica
Rhythm of Jungle
Amazing Euphoria
The Indian Breeze
The Wild Expedition
A Journey
My Treasures
Having experienced the golden period of the unending
Indian history. These are the places rich in culture
& tradition of its innocent people and ancient
monuments which still sings of the Golden era.
My Wild Shelters
Well forested, especially in the
Vindhya-Kuimur, the Satpura, the Maikala ranges and
the Baghelkhand plateau and being rich in wildlife
I have been declared as the TIGER STATE OF INDIA.
I hold some of the most accessible havens for the
endangered Leo tigers.
My Pampered Ones
These are natural wonders whom I have showered most
of my natural beauty with beautiful hill ranges
namely Vindhya & Kaimur and are fed by some of the
Peninsula's major rivers, such as the Narmada and
the Mahanadi.
My Innocent Inhabitants
I am the home of the largest concentration of India's 22 million tribal
people. These innocent inhabitants were driven from
the well watered Gangetic plains by its succession
of invaders, took refuge on my soil.
My Jewels The flowing rivers, the lush green
mountains, the dense forests, the beautiful valleys
and the vast plains have provided me the natural
beauty with lots of flavors with in me and made me
a paradise for travelers. This section provides my
lavish geography.
Tours This section provides with the itineraries
that will help you to explore the mysterious land
of mine -India's most rural ,untouched and unspoiled scenery.

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