Tuesday, March 22, 2011

college synopsis

Project Synopsis Format

Name :-                            Rohit Keshriya

Roll No.:-                        0822CA081046

Project Undertaken:-    Capt. Shekhar Gupta

Estimated duration:-     01/02/2011 to 30/05/2011

Organization :-               Aerosoft Corp.       

Address:-                        108, Ambikapuri EXTN.
                                         Airport Road

Nature of project :-       Portal for Visit M.P.

Project description :-   “VISIT MADHYA PRADESH

The project namely “VISIT MP” is very user friendly site so that the new user can also use it. We use Java and wordpress as Front end and Access as Back end. Mainly the  aim of the project is to provide information for visiting Madhya Pradesh. This site has all the information about visiting places and hotels available in MP.

Scope of the project: -
The inbound tourists visiting Madhya Pradesh inevitably undertake sightseeing of the various religious and famous places in Madhya Pradesh.

Signature of student:-                 
                                                          Rohit Keshiya

Signature of project in charge: 

                                                         Capt. Shekhar Gupta
                                                         Ceo, AeroSoft Corp.

Date:  21/03/2011

Neelima Sapre, 
Department of Computer Applications

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