Sunday, February 6, 2011

key word

Keyword - A keyword is a word or phrase that isentered by visitors in search engine queries. Choice of keywords and expression of
the keywords in Web pages and links is the heart of search engine optimization. Examples of keywords can include: Washington,
George Washington, People are funny,
Tell me where to buy an iPOD or any other frequent word combination used in searches

A phrase is treated more or less as separate words unless it is put in quotes, but search
engines may try to find and list phrases that match the input text exactly. If the phrase is not in quotes, the search engine may ignore
common words called stopwords.

The order of the wording generally makes a difference in retrieval of phrases.
This should obviously be true for phrases like Old Black Joe  as opposed to Old Joe Black but it is less obvious for Middle East Peace versus Peace in the Middle East.


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