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Business that sells products or provides services to other businesses
Business-to-business e-commerce is anyInternet-based information or product exchangebetween companies. Also referred to by the
shorthand B2B, business-to-business e-commerceis a category of business dealings that coversbasically all of the ways that technology helps companies do business with each other.
Business-to-business retail can cover a number of different types of businesses and products, ranging from office supplies sold to corporate offices or raw materials used by a business to produce other products that are then sold.
Often called “business 2 business” or “B2B,” business-to-business retail differs from other types of retail businesses that tend to serve
consumers or the general public.

B2B" is contemporary shorthand for a longtime sales practice called business-to-business. B2B transactions primarily target companies
and other wholesale buyers, while transactions targeting individuals
are called B2C, or business-to-customer. Many organizations have both B2B and B2C
components, but it's not unusual for a company to specialize in B2B services or sales. In fact, the vast majority of products and services sold are considered to be B2B in nature.
B2C stands for business to consumer. It differs from B2B which is business to business. The business to consumer company model is one in which companies offer their products or service for sale to consumers rather than to other businesses, as in B2B. Today, B2C often refers to the online selling of products, which is known as

e-tailing. E-tailing products to consumers may be conducted by either manufacturers or retailers.
Virtually any product can be e-tailed. The challenge for retailers and manufactures in a B2C online selling environment is to get
consumer traffic to their website marketplace.
This need makes search engine marketing (SEM) of extreme importance in business to consumer selling. SEM promotes a website by making the site highly visible on search engines.
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